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Tracy is offering face to face or  tele-health appointments (Skype, Zoom or Phone). Please call Tracy on 0401168335 or email her on to book an appointment.

Individual Sessions 

Tracy offers Therapy sessions for Individual at Thrive Wellness Hub in Wickham or online. These sessions are based on client needs and may include a number of different counseling and psychotherapy models.​

All sessions are based on moving towards real and lasting change using internal resources and new practical strategies


Tracy is Qualified Counsellor, Advanced Resource Therapist and Trainer, Gottman Trained Relationship Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Adult Educator and EMDR Practitioner.


Tracy's aim is to help clients to feel they are functioning from their internal strengths and to gain new skills to better equip them as they move forward.

She helps clients and couples to live a life that is value and purpose driven, not just driven by circumstances and difficult feelings.

COST $140/hr session

Couples Counselling ​

Couples counselling can be used as a prevention tool helping couples to gain great skills as you move forward in your relationship. It can also be used to help you navigate the tricky and difficult times that all relationships face. 


Together we look at what is currently working in your relationship and where the wheels are falling off. The level of Trust, Commitment and Willingness to move forward. The state of your friendship, how you do conflict, what emotions are the mainstays and how you communicate them. We look at your individual goals and couple goals. You will learn the differences between men and women and how we communicate. or the unique challenges of same sex couple relationships.

You will have tasks given in between sessions to help move you forward.


The online Gottman Relationship Questionnaire will be provided at the cost of $50.00 per couple prior to commencing your sessions. 


COST $160/ hr session 

Number of sessions vary between couples, on average 4-6 sessions



  • 1 hour weekly 

  • 2 hour fortnightly 

  • 4 hour session

  • Full Day

Quick Relationship Tips

Give your Relationship some love and new input based on Gottman Relationship Research. Sit together, watch for 2 mins, use these tools and watch your relationship grow and repair. Normally priced at $199, this online course is on special for just $99.  

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Pre-marriage  Prepare / Commitment Counselling 


Start Strong and Healthy Stay Strong and Healthy

4 Sessions


This includes an online Prepare Assessment tool. Together with Tracy lets take a take a good look at your relationship. Find out about your strengths as individuals and as a couple. What you are rocking! and where your relationship challenges lie. We look at where you are similar as a couple and where your differences are. Based on all this, this take away with you individualised tools that will help grow and strengthen your relationship into the future. 


COST: $690 ()Gift vouchers available)


Options: Face to Face in Newcastle NSW Australia


1 hour weekly, over 4 weeks. 




In a Day  1 x 4 hour session, with Lunch break at lovely local Cafe







* There are times when Tracy's availability is limited due to demand. Tracy also works with her amazing team of Qualified Couples Counsellors who also work in a similar approach to. Please make contact with Tracy to see what Session options are currently open.  0401168335








Tracy has worked with clients for over 25 years, both in her capacity as a counsellor and as an educator. This work has been centred around supporting clients through challenging emotions and circumstances.





9 Robert Street

Wickham NSW 2293


Phone: 0401168335