What Clients Say



Cam - 30 years old


I love the way that Tracy works so directly with my emotional world and the subconscious parts of me. This is so effective. Often I can spend lots of time thinking and talking cognitively about issues I’m dealing with and then I see Tracy and the work we do cuts through all that and gets to the source of what’s going on and the centre of what I’m struggling with. Often I’m surprised at what we uncover. After this work, I am able to move forward and deal constructively. With Tracy, I feel safe, heard and respected. Tracy helps me to see my strengths, connect to my wisdom and to respect myself.




Shell - 43 years old


Tracy through her practice gave me incredible insight, her techniques were safe and really effective. I cannot thank her enough and will always feel incredibly grateful. I recommend Tracy to everyone who may feel stuck or just need a transition through a part of there life within her sanctuary of care.




Nicky - 11 years old


Tracy is fun, it's been great to get to know all the different parts of me. This has really helped when I feel my anxious part, I know what to do now to take good care of myself. I even tell other friends at school about all the different parts inside them and that helps them too. I love The Bella Stories the best.




Tanya - 40 years old


I have been to see Tracy and I can say that Tracy has excellent resources and strategies specific to you to help you to make your life more effective, effortless and enjoyable. She provides tools to make immediate and long lasting changes to your day to day work and home life. I would highly recommend anyone seeing Tracy for minor or major issues that you have in your life. Our two girls have also benefited from the Bella Journey books. 



Dean - 32 years

I’ve seen Tracy on and off over the years, its great to know when I’m struggling with different issues there is someone I can Talk to who is real and can help me out. We get right to the source of my problems and I leave even one session feeling very different. Defiantly worth it for me.







Tracy has worked with clients for over 25 years, both in her capacity as a counsellor and as an educator. This work has been centred around supporting clients through challenging emotions and circumstances.





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