Resource Therapy Training


Part 1: What is Resource Therapy?
Part 2: Diagnosis in Resource Therapy & The 12 core therapy actions


Resource Therapy (Advanced Ego State Therapy /Parts Therapy)

Resource Therapy is a brief psychodynamic therapy, based on the concept that our personality is made up of many parts. These parts are called our Resources and we each have many Resources available to us.

All of our emotions are useful and can be our internal resources. Many of us function in the world feeling like there is only one Part- The Anxious Part, The Sad Part, The Unmotivated Part. The good news is, there are many Parts to us and when we have the right Part driving us, at the right time, in the appropriate proportion to our circumstances, life runs much smoother.

Resource Therapy teaches us how new awareness of our emotional Parts, what they need and ways to get it. Through Resource Therapy we are able to better know our inner terrain, where we are stuck, ways forward and the internal resources we have to help us negotiate life WELL.

In a therapeutic setting Resource Therapy is brief  (a short number of sessions) respectfully client centred and offers lasting change. The therapists supports and works with the part of the personality that is experiencing the presenting issue and provides effective methods in order to resolve, heal and move forward.


Tracy offers both Training and Mentoring/Supervion in Resource Therapy.  Foundation and Clinical Courses are run throughout the year.


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Tracy has worked with clients for over 25 years, both in her capacity as a counsellor and as an educator. This work has been centred around supporting clients through challenging emotions and circumstances.






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