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Therapy Sessions


Tracy Offers Therapy sessions both Couples and Individual at Thrive Wellness Hub Broadmeadow and where appropriate via SKYPE. These sessions are based on client needs and may include a number of different counseling and psychotherapy models.​

All sessions are based on moving towards real and lasting change using internal resources and new practical strategies


Tracy is Qualified Counsellor, Advanced Resource Therapist and Trainer, Gottman Trained Relationship Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Adult Educator.


Tracy's aim is to help clients to feel they are functioning from their internal strengths and to gain new skills to better equip them as they move forward.

She helps clients and couples to live a life that is value and purpose driven, not just driven by circumstances and difficult feelings.

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Presentations and Training


Tracy is available for Presentations and conducts regular Resource Therapy Training both for organisations and private courses.

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Tracy has worked with clients for over 25 years, both in her capacity as a counsellor and as an educator. This work has been centred around supporting clients through challenging emotions and circumstances.






9 Robert Street

Wickham NSW 2293


Phone: 0401 168 335