The Bella Journey



The Bella Journey is a multi faceted project to help support girls navigate tricky feelings; feelings like anxiety, depression and lack of self worth. Suicide is still the leading cause of death for young people aged between 16-24, above road accidents.

More preventative resources at an earlier age are desperately needed, resources that girls can identify with and want to engage with. The Bella Journey resources are attractive and accessible, yet grounded in psychological theory, including Ego State Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Theory and Mindfulness. These resources will be delivered through 5 beautifully vintage themed books and a website packed full of resources, work books, creative projects, journals and short videos. BUY BELLA BOOKS HERE







Tracy has worked with clients for over 25 years, both in her capacity as a counsellor and as an educator. This work has been centred around supporting clients through challenging emotions and circumstances.






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